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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Things i learned from blog surfing.

i'm bored and don't want to study, so i decided to go blog surfing using the next blog button at the top of the page. these are the things i learned:

- goth chicks are scary
- most people havn't had their blogs for very long
- quite a few people blog in another language and i think this should stop because i can't understand a damn thing they say
- a lot of people think they are artsy, when in fact they are just self serving
- a lot of people know way too much html for their own good
- i do not want to explore regina(no, the town regina you perverts)
- people think about all of life's problems too damn much
- blogs are sucky advertising tools
- some guy has figured out how to integrate espn's bottom line into his blog, and i would really like to find out how he did it
- most people don't know how to come up with invintive names, for example joe smith's blog
- people should not make blogs for their cats
- A lot of people who think they have ADD are just too lazy to stay on topic and are hey look at the kitty
- japanese art is a hella popular with the blogger crowd
- if i wanted to update ie i would do it from microsoft's website, not your blog
- damnit people, write in english!

ok, that's it for tonight, i gotta get to bed, fucking finals. i'll be back with how i did on my first final tomorrow.


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