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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Fun Times

now as most of you know, one of the running jokes i have on this blog is my utter disdain and hatred for the parents television council(ptc). I have made this known a number of times. Mostly i hate them because they are so stupid, they can't grasp the concept of if you don't like what you are watching, then change the damn channel. So every time they see something they don't like, they go running off to the fcc. And now since nipplegate has cooled down(and man, was that blown totally out of proportion) the fcc has finally had enough and basically told the ptc to fuck off. And I applaud them for it. Well being the third grade tattletale that everybody wanted to beat the shit out of they are, they are now running to congress for investigations of the fcc. I hope congress tells them to fuck off as well. but i'm doubting it. the main problem is that the ptc is pissed that the fcc is only counting all the people that clicked on a form to send a complaint as one vote. But see here's the kicker, by the ptc doing this, your sending in complaints from people who didn't even watch the show. This becomes apparent when the fcc got more complaints than people who actually watched a show, and called the ptc on it. So I would like to say to the ptc on behalf of all people with an IQ higher than a grapefruit, please fuck off.


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