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Monday, June 21, 2004

What I’ve Learned About Politics And War From Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri:

- Peace Is Best Kept Through Superior Firepower.
- Religious Fundies won’t stop until you beat them into the ground with their own book of scripture.
- Don’t give technology to anybody but your closest allies, and don’t even give THEM your best stuff. (You need fusion reactors? Ooooo. Sorry. Ran outta those last week.)
- Environmentalists will be the first to initiate a scorched earth campaign if you piss them off. (Boreholes?! The Greenies have BOREHOLES?!)
- Try to limit the number of factions you’re at war with at any one time to less than half the game’s total.
- Don’t sweat it if this isn’t possible. Half of them will be fighting with whipped cream pies anyway (see also: Morgan Industries)
- Militia members usually don’t have the first idea of how to actually fight.
- There’s no better feeling than to have communists surrender to you.
- Do NOT f*ck with the University unless you have overwhelming force in position to annihilate them, or you have plenty of probe teams.
- Repairing is cheaper than replacing.
- Punishment Spheres have real S&M appeal.
- Once you’ve saved their asses, just expect your “allies” to try and take you out.
- When given the choice between money and technology, take the tech.
- Try to barter all extortion tried against you down to half before just giving up and declaring war.
- Planet Busters are a pain to make, a pain to use, and will get all of your Pacts revoked for you, so only use them if you have no other choice or you really really want to.
- Diplomatic victory is for pussies.
- Having superior military tech means less money spent on building war materiel in the long run.
- Endear yourself to the natives as much as reasonable. That way, they’re more likely to pester your enemies than you.
- If you have to wage war on multiple fronts, skirmish on all but your easiest front. That way you can more quickly finish off your weakest enemies, while still being an economic drain on your other ones.

Credit: Cory Laflin's Gamer’s Hangover (News Report) – 06.21.04


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