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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Good and Evil

I went and saw the Alamo tonight in order to get bonus points for Spanish 2(which i despretley need at this point), not a bad movie, not a good movie mind you, but not bad. Good Acting all around, but it was too long. I was bored during one stretch which got me thinking about Good and Evil. Thinking about it, there is no such thing as good and evil. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. The only real definition i have found for them is that A good man looks out for other people, while an evil man looks out for himself. I don't know why society as a whole percieves people who try to make life better for themselves instead of their fellow man as evil. Hitler was considered a evil man, because he attempted to kill many a people in an attempt to make his and his fellow countrymen's life better. Now I'm not condoning what hitler did, he killed lots of people and deserved to die. It also extends to the american government . Our tax system is set up to punish the successfull. If you make more, you get taxed at a higher percentage. Now is that fair? People are always looking for a handout, and if you choose not to extend your hand, they see you as a self centerd evil bastard. Nevermind that you have a wife and 3 kids at home, your evil because you looked out for your own instead of another. Why is that? Why does everybody have to be draged to the middle? It all comes back, as they say, to good and evil.


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