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Friday, April 16, 2004

Angel 5x17 thoughts

i'm just going to let you guys know that i'm not doing reviews anymore, just ranting on the episode a few days after it's done. so there you go. the episode was fucking great. I'm a tad bit saddened by the loss of gunn to the senior partners, but according to the previews he'll be back. Angel and Spike did the angel and spike thing, which is what they excell at, so they get high marks. The return of eve and lindsay, was alright, but i'm glad they did it, because it introduces us to Hamilton(Adam Baldwin, Jayne on Firefly), who is ten kinds of awesome. The philosophy lesson of the week is brought to us by Wes and Illyria, and it confused the hell out of me, but all is forgivin because wes got drunk on whiskey and called illyria a smurf. According to Tv tome they have this as the 2nd best episode ever, can't say I agree with that, but it does live up to it's ****1/2 out of *****.


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