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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Angel 5x08 - Destiny Review

What is the problem everybody has with Eve? I mean, she doesn't bother me, yet nearly everybody else is crying bloody murder with her being on the show. Guys she's here, deal with it. On to the actual episode, the Flashbacks kinda pissed me off, They all seemed to cast angel into a evil light, which, although he was evil, so was spike, stop trying to paint spike as the good guy. I personally feel they wasted Drusilla, but anywho. By the way, stop bitching about the accents! They have been that way since the start of buffy, and i'm not seeing them changing anytime soon. Gunn with a lot of screen time, which was good, I just wish either Gunn or Fred would make mention of their relationship, they act like it never happend(and who knows, they might not remember). On to Lindsey, Look at my previous post, there you go. Fred was mostly there girl, Lorne was toner expositon guy(TONER!), and Wes was playing the Angel brooding game so well, he didnt even show up. So after thinking it over, i have decided to lower my rating a little bit, **** out of *****.


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