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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Angel 5x07 - Lineage thoughts

Awesome episode, my favorite character is Wesley, so you can probaly guess my affinity towards this episode. Yeah i think the episode would of been better if Wes would of actually killed his father(i mean, the watchers council would never do something as stupid as attempting to kill somebody that could be on their side, wait a minute.). It would of fit in well with the storyline, and it would not of looked like a cop out, that some of the other episodes have ended with this season. I loved spikes crack about sex with robots, and his conversation with eve in the elevator. The other characters didn't have much to do this week, Angel was being pissy, Spike cracking jokes, Gunn and Lorne, wait, were they even in this episode? Oh and one other thing, Knox better get the hell away from Fred. Seriously, I want Wes to take the gun to him next. Well, i've thought about this for alittle while, and i guess i'll just come out with it, ***** out of *****(yes, i changed my mind).


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