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Thursday, November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving! (or if your in another country, Happy non-eventfull Thursday!)

Missed me? anywho, just gonna give you guys a head up, i'm going to go on a little bit of a hiatus untill Angel starts up again, so barring special circumstances, see you guys next year!

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Angel 5x08 - Destiny Review

What is the problem everybody has with Eve? I mean, she doesn't bother me, yet nearly everybody else is crying bloody murder with her being on the show. Guys she's here, deal with it. On to the actual episode, the Flashbacks kinda pissed me off, They all seemed to cast angel into a evil light, which, although he was evil, so was spike, stop trying to paint spike as the good guy. I personally feel they wasted Drusilla, but anywho. By the way, stop bitching about the accents! They have been that way since the start of buffy, and i'm not seeing them changing anytime soon. Gunn with a lot of screen time, which was good, I just wish either Gunn or Fred would make mention of their relationship, they act like it never happend(and who knows, they might not remember). On to Lindsey, Look at my previous post, there you go. Fred was mostly there girl, Lorne was toner expositon guy(TONER!), and Wes was playing the Angel brooding game so well, he didnt even show up. So after thinking it over, i have decided to lower my rating a little bit, **** out of *****.


I'm at a total loss for words, fucking Lindsey McDonald, and what the hell were with all those tatoos?! well, more coherent thoughts after a couple of rewatches but, seriously right now, ***** out of *****, yes i know that has been the only two ratings i've given out, that will change.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

In the Middle of West Wing Season 1

Okay, i have a headache, but i'm going to post anyway, for the love of you people. Right now i'm in the middle of the crackpots and these women, which is a marvelous episode by the way, and i feel like i'm going to drop and just curl into the fetal position on my carpet. Just givin a heads up, look at my previous post, and push the dvd reviews back a day or two, anyway about to take some asprine, and i'll see you guys in a drunken haze later.

Monday, November 17, 2003

bored as a motherfucker(well, not really)

God i'm bored. Well, i'm waiting for tomarrow, where i get to blow 40 to 75 dollars on dvd's. WHOOHOO! hmmmmm, i really have nothing else to say, i'll be back wed. with Angel reviewage, and possibly West Wing. Thursday, with West Wing Season 1 Dvd Thoughts, and maybe Friends reviews. And either Friday or Saturday, With a Two Towers Extneded Edition Review. Later.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Tony Hawk's Underground Review

In a word, Easy. Seriously, this game is way to short, and easy for anyone that has played a previous Tony Hawk Game, very little has been added to the core gameplay besides, the ability to walk, and drive vehicles. The graphics although pretty good, do take a hit in framerate, and shivering alot. Altogether I would say If you dont have a Tony Hawk game, go ahead and buy it, it's really built for a newbie so you would enjoy it, but if you own Tony Hawk 2, 3, or 4, it's worth a rental, but nothing more. ***1/2 out of *****

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Angel 5x07 - Lineage thoughts

Awesome episode, my favorite character is Wesley, so you can probaly guess my affinity towards this episode. Yeah i think the episode would of been better if Wes would of actually killed his father(i mean, the watchers council would never do something as stupid as attempting to kill somebody that could be on their side, wait a minute.). It would of fit in well with the storyline, and it would not of looked like a cop out, that some of the other episodes have ended with this season. I loved spikes crack about sex with robots, and his conversation with eve in the elevator. The other characters didn't have much to do this week, Angel was being pissy, Spike cracking jokes, Gunn and Lorne, wait, were they even in this episode? Oh and one other thing, Knox better get the hell away from Fred. Seriously, I want Wes to take the gun to him next. Well, i've thought about this for alittle while, and i guess i'll just come out with it, ***** out of *****(yes, i changed my mind).

Angel 5x07 - Lineage preliminary thoughts

Wow. that was......yeah. Well, i'm assuming you're going to want something with a little more substance than that, so..... I have to think about it for a little while, be back in about a hour. Let me just say ****4/5 out of *****, and thats an understatement.

Bored in study hall(again)

11 to 0, 11 to fucking 0. that was my score on ping pong on miniclips.com, and no, i wasnt the one with 11. Well, i have a calculus test next hour which i didnt study for, and then my day is pretty much over. YAY! Angel and West Wing thoughts coming tonight, and if i go to hollywood, you'll either get Tony Hawk Underground or Rainbow Six 3 impressions. Untill then, later.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Angel on TNT

What the hell is wrong with tnt? Watching the 4th season episodes in full screen, really doesnt look that good. I know the proofs were in widescreen, so their shouldnt be too much of a problem. anywho, i'm bored, yeah yeah, what else is new, i know, well i guess i'll get to bed then. toodles.

Gilmore Girls coolness

Now usually besides the hotness of Alexis Biedel, gilmore girls dosnt come up on the coolness meter. that changed tonight, when i found out that they had jonathan himself on. Danny Fucking Strong. thats it for now. later.

bored at home(you know, i'm sensing a pattern here)

damnit could this day go any slower? seriously, it's like this day just will not fucking end. anyway, everybody owes it to themselves to check out the blog of Scott Keith. He is awesome and deserves all the hits you can give him. right now i'm looking into putting a message board on this thing, but my html prowress equals that of my 3 month old cousin, if anybody knows a good easy program i could use, it would help a lot. might be back later with thoughts on 24, if i feel like it. as always. later.

Editor's are stupid.

I just want to state that the editor of the Royal Sceptor has no idea what she is talking about. I know you guys dont care. but yet again i'm bored at school, and i dont want to type a schedule.

bored in study hall

is it just me, or do people bitch alot? Chris most of all. well......more coming later.

Bored in ecology.

Well, I just finished my powerpoint on the tundra. It was easy as hell. Browsing the IGN DVD Realase List, there is nothing really good coming out this week, which is good, because the motherload is coming next week. The Two Towers extended edition and The west wing season 1 comes out, you can probaly expect reviews. well....the bell's about to ring, later.

Monday, November 10, 2003

Damn computer.

well, back after a tad bit of a hiatus, in case everybody missed my opinions on shit, well, too bad, I just want everybody to watch MXC on spike tv right now, update coming later, maybe.